We live, work, and play in shared spaces. The global COVID-19 pandemic created a loss of trust in those spaces. Songbird re-establishes that trust by using science-based solutions to test and manage pathogens, including COVD-19. With a rapid onsite testing and monitoring program, Songbird identifies not only the risks, but provides the solutions to address them. Formed in partnership between Purity-IQ and RWDI, Songbird brings together world-class expertise in both infectious diseases and building science. 


Protecting the world from COVID-19 and dangerous pathogens.

Songbird Life Science

Thoughtful building design requires a complete picture of how a structure will interact with the climate, its surroundings, and its community. Architects, engineers, and developers have struggled with achieving that complete view, especially early on in the design process. Orbital Stack is a breakthrough in building design, providing rapid insights to guide design decisions now, saving projects from costly mistakes later. Built on decades of expertise from RWDI in the fields of building science, climate, and complex urban projects, Orbital Stack continues to evolve and transform the industry it serves.


Creating great urban environments, designed with a holistic view of people, the planet, and property.

Orbital Stack

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