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Launched in 2019, RWDI Ventures is actively growing its team and partner network. We’re building relationships with those who share our vision of the next economy: one where Earth-aware businesses and communities thrive and prosper by partnering more skillfully with the planet.


For entrepreneurs and technical experts who share our interests, RWDI Ventures presents a unique opportunity. We’re bringing meaningful innovations to market – driving business success while realizing a more sustainable and resilient economy. And we combine an entrepreneur-led startup culture with the valuable supports an established firm can offer. Through 2020, we'll be posting roles for software engineers, product designers, product managers and technical leads. Watch this space or reach out directly to learn how we might connect.

Current Jobs

Software Developer, Ventures (Orbital Stack)
RWDI (Guelph, ON)


For over 45 years, RWDI has been helping build some of the most sophisticated structures in the world. With expertise in climate engineering and building performance, RWDI is the trusted expert industry relies on to design sky scrapers, sports stadiums, and complex industrial projects. RWDI Ventures was created to leverage that expertise in bold and new ways. Join Us in Building Companies That Change the World, Literally.

CFD Engineer, Ventures (Orbital Stack)
RWDI (Guelph, ON)


We are already operating in private beta and serving early adopters. We have revenue, and a client base of world-class firms. Our CFD team wears multiple hats, that include supporting the delivery of customer projects, as well as helping advance the capabilities of our product. We are looking to expand that team. By helping us deliver successful projects, learning from our customers, and improving our technology platform, you will help us reach a much wider market.
Join Us in Building Companies That Change the World, Literally.


Within our fields of focus, we welcome a range of partners:

  • scientists and engineers who have identified a technical innovation and are interested in exploring its business potential 

  • entrepreneurs who have the beginning of a solution to a business problem, and could benefit from the engagement of a team of extraordinary engineers

  • firms with an existing tool that could be enhanced by RWDI’s unique combination of weather and climate expertise, high-quality data sets, modeling capabilities, and other assets 

  • others who share our interests and our commitment to realizing the next economy


RWDI Ventures works with academic institutions, firms and R&D centres to generate, develop and refine ideas. Our partners benefit from access to RWDI’s technical expertise as well as the unique perspective and skillset within the Ventures shop.



Address: 600 Southgate Drive, Guelph, Ontario, N1G 4P6, Canada