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Healthy building to protect a healthy community.

Learn more about how 10C, a not-for-profit community hub offering coworking and event meeting space, can better plan virus mitigation strategies and offer peace of mind for members and community booking holders.

Border patrol

Read how Toronto Pearson Airport integrated ParticleOne as an early-warning surveillance tool to protect travellers and employees.

Healthy air, healthier workplaces in Australia

The height of winter flu season, has many Australian businesses struggling to bring employees back to the office. One office in Sydney, Australia, is using air-intelligence technology to reduce COVID transmission risk.

Prepared is the new advantage

With every emerging variant, businesses using ParticleOne are able to plan ahead, make informed decisions, and procure necessary resources.

Measure, track, reduce.

New technology provides virus security to businesses looking to reopen buildings safely by reducing the risk of COVID outbreaks indoors.

Welcome back

Many people are returning to indoor spaces. Despite the ongoing pandemic, it is possible to make buildings safe—once you calculate the risks.

Orbital Stack: Changing the game on building design

Creating great cities through high-performance buildings has always been a driving passion at RWDI. But such ambitious design requires thoughtful consideration from many perspectives—environmental, engineering and humanistic.

Building community: Thoughtful building design is altering cities

As cities grapple with the effects of climate change and increased density, forward-looking designers and city planners consider how urban spaces — and the buildings within them — can be the climate-positive communities desired by both citizens and business.

The rise of the ecopreneur

When I tell people the RWDI Ventures team is a group of ecopreneurs, the second part usually clicks first: we’re entrepreneurs. We have a strong track record of building disruptive, product-driven tech companies.