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A proposal for pedestrian comfort

Early designs for a proposed condo development are optimized to keep pedestrians comfortable using Orbital Stack’s climate insights.

Orbital Stack: Changing the game on building design

Creating great cities through high-performance buildings has always been a driving passion at RWDI. But such ambitious design requires thoughtful consideration from many perspectives—environmental, engineering and humanistic.

Building community: Thoughtful building design is altering cities

As cities grapple with the effects of climate change and increased density, forward-looking designers and city planners consider how urban spaces — and the buildings within them — can be the climate-positive communities desired by both citizens and business.

The rise of the ecopreneur

When I tell people the RWDI Ventures team is a group of ecopreneurs, the second part usually clicks first: we’re entrepreneurs. We have a strong track record of building disruptive, product-driven tech companies.

Why RWDI needed an impact incubator

When I first joined at RWDI in 1988, two things were clear. First, we were world-leading experts in climate engineering and the built environment. Equally important, we combined a drive for business success – our own and our clients’ – with a deep awareness of how our projects would interact with the natural world.