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Our companies find inspiration in doing good—always prioritizing the planet and its people. Of course, we’re not immune to a healthy dose of profit. That’s what keeps us fighting the good fight. With every initiative, we apply science and expertise to see where the world is going, and we use creativity and technology to get there first. In other words? Problem. Solved.

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Orbital Stack

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Thoughtful building design requires multifactor analysis—from the very start. Orbital Stack is an online platform that puts the power of CFD analysis directly in the hands of designers, developers and architects. Developed and used by RWDI engineers, this digital tool quickly analyzes how a proposed design will interact with the climate, its surroundings and people for years to come.

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Songbird Life Science

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Songbird Life Science provides science-based solutions to keep buildings and people safe from pathogens, including COVID-19. With a team of leading engineers in building science, genomic scientists, and biotechnology experts, Songbird develops evidence-based risk-management plans that are customized to the specific needs and use of a space or portfolio of properties. From ventilation and air-quality analysis to emergency response strategies, Songbird delivers precise, yet practical solutions to effectively reduce risk.

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