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Our companies find inspiration in doing good—always prioritizing the planet and its people. Of course, we’re not immune to a healthy dose of profit. That’s what keeps us fighting the good fight. With every initiative, we apply science and expertise to see where the world is going, and we use creativity and technology to get there first. In other words? Problem. Solved.

Building resiliency in a changing climate means understanding the true risks and the costs—and how to reduce them. ClimateFirst is climate-risk analysis software that builds on RWDI’s decades of experience in delivering exceptional climate and performance engineering solutions for a wide-range of buildings around the world. With its ability to model an entire portfolio of buildings, ClimateFirst users quickly understand how a changing climate will impact the specific systems in their buildings.

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Resilient building design requires multifactor analysis—from the very start. Orbital Stack is an online climate-analysis tool that puts the power of AI and CFD analysis directly in the hands of designers, developers and architects. Developed and validated by RWDI engineers, this digital tool quickly analyzes how a proposed design will interact with the climate, its surroundings, and people for years to come.

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Accurate weather-related decisions at outdoor constructions sites prevent delays and improve efficiencies—while improving worker comfort and safety. SpotClimate is the go-to app for hyper-localized weather insights, providing instant access to micro-weather data within a 5-meter resolution. Built by climate experts in collaboration with industry partners, SpotClimate enables users to instantly know—and plan for—the weather conditions for every corner of a worksite.

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The health of a business depends on the health of its workforce. With airborne viruses, the health risks are always changing. ParticleOne is virus-resiliency software for buildings. A non-invasive surveillance tool, it empowers organizations to make data-informed, science-based decisions to protect workforces and support business continuity.

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Our planet’s health cannot be ignored and we want to help the committed planet defenders—the passionate people, NGOs, researchers, charities, eco-justice champions, and more—increase their impact. Founded by RWDI, Planet Defense is a not-for-profit collective of climate engineers and scientists uniquely positioned to address planetary health challenges. By sharing their expertise, data and digital tools at no cost, Planet Defense advances important initiatives and helps to scale their impact.

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Songbird Life Science

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Songbird Life Science provides science-based solutions to keep buildings and people safe from pathogens, including COVID-19. With a team of leading engineers in building science, genomic scientists, and biotechnology experts, Songbird develops evidence-based risk-management plans that are customized to the specific needs and use of a space or portfolio of properties. From ventilation and air-quality analysis to emergency response strategies, Songbird delivers precise, yet practical solutions to effectively reduce risk.

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