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Thermal analysis
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Environmental factors are now among the most important influences on business performance. Extreme weather is throwing supply chains into chaos. Insurance companies face skyrocketing claims. Architects and engineers are challenged to design safe, sustainable buildings as flooding and storms become more frequent and intense.

RWDI Ventures is a startup incubator that responds to this reality. We’re working to mitigate risk and create opportunities at the intersection of business and nature. We build companies that harness leading technical and market insights to create products that help businesses gain competitive advantages while boosting their own resilience and sustainability. 

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With a distinct team and unique funding structure, Ventures thinks and acts like a startup while benefiting from seamless access to the people, data and tools that have made RWDI a global leader in climate and the built environment.  


Ventures is working across an even broader range of sectors and industries, bringing RWDI’s versatile science and engineering capabilities into fields like retail, financial markets and health care. 

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Even as climate change creates new hazards across a range of sectors and industries, innovative firms are unlocking game-changing competitive advantages by skillfully engaging the planet as a partner. 

RWDI Ventures’ unique combination of technical depth and global market insight gives us a unique perspective on the opportunities ahead. We’re building relationships and harnessing RWDI’s renowned climate and engineering expertise to develop innovative products that transform the relationship between people and the environment.


Address: 600 Southgate Drive, Guelph, Ontario, N1G 4P6, Canada