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Read how Toronto Pearson Airport integrated ParticleOne as an early-warning surveillance tool to protect travellers and employees.

Utilizing non-invasive tech to monitor infectious disease risks in airports

“We are putting things in place that can help in monitoring for different variants entering into Toronto, and hopefully provide necessary information to those who are providing policy across our country.” 

Dwayne Macintosh, Director of Safety and Security, Toronto Pearson Airport

In response to the need for smarter ways to monitor and counter the presence of dangerous pathogens arriving in Canada, airports like Toronto Pearson have responded with early-warning artificial intelligence systems to predict outbreaks, wastewater testing, and other non-invasive approaches to infection control. 

Early in 2022, ParticleOne partnered with BlueDot, an infectious-disease intelligence platform, to improve sightlines on infectious threats and create a system that measures and monitors the risk of infection transmission within shared spaces. This collaboration forms part of Pearson’s early-warning surveillance system to track airborne hazards. 

Read more about Pearson Airport’s application of ParticleOne and other non-invasive technology to monitor spaces for infection in The Innovation Economy Council’s From Gateways to Sentinels: How Airports can use Detection to Control Infection.

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