Measure, track, reduce.

New technology provides virus security to businesses looking to reopen buildings safely by reducing the risk of COVID outbreaks indoors.

New technology reduces COVID risks inside buildings

Businesses are confidently reopening their doors with an accurate understanding of their buildings’ COVID risk levels and an effective game plan, thanks to ParticleOne.

Recognizing that every building is unique—as are its risks for COVID—ParticleOne builds on general Public Health guidance, often too general to apply to specific spaces. Instead, ParticleOne uses building science, data analytics, and computer modelling, to create an accurate profile of a space and offers clear, science-based guidance and solutions.

And early clients, like Pharmasave Elora Apothecary are benefiting from the results:

“There is a lot of talk about what is ‘safe,’ but it is very hard to measure an invisible threat like COVID. With ParticleOne’s analysis of our site, we are able to ‘see’ our risk level—and apply the necessary solutions to allow us to operate our business with confidence.”

Bronwyn Tolmie, Pharmacist/Owner, Pharmasave Elora Apothecary

ParticleOne accounts for the distinct layout, use, ventilation, and location of a building, while also calculating the future impacts of emerging variants, local infection and vaccination rates. Founded by RWDI, world-renowned experts in building science, air flow, ventilation, ParticleOne builds on the groundbreaking work in rapid testing at Songbird Life Science.

See ParticleOne’s news release and read more about ParticleOne is helping building owners, including RWDI, prevent outbreaks and avoid the high costs of employee absenteeism and closures.